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Help and Questions
This page informs visitors about Help and Questions to be asked.

With this special page, what you need becomes useful. is a website that discusses news (events, latest). does not only focus on coverage of Cilacap, but also Barlingmascakeb (Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap and Kebumen) according to readers who visit our website.

And over time, we also preach to a number of areas, both Central Java, West Java, East Java. This is because many media with name of city also report on other areas.

Now is also built with a more modern design, and is commonly called an Ecosystem, which is a subchannel with a subdomain.

We present Information about Technology, Celebrities, Entertainment, Sport, News and others.

Our Vision and Mission to build this website, especially with name of city of love, that we are proud of our area, namely Cilacap.

With presence of website which can be accessed using internet. We hope to be able to help provide useful information to wider community, especially residents of Cilacap.

In addition to news, also provides information about tourist destinations, culinary.

We accept all forms of both questions, criticism, suggestions and support, correction of published articles, and article publications:

Call Center: +62895-6064-02540 (Phone/SMS) – +6285-740-204-564 (Whatsapp)
Email: redaksi[at]

With contact number and email address above, you can send questions or publish articles, whether press releases related to events or activities, opinions, etc.